Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Ex and Shellac Were Here

We totally forgot to mention it, but two citizens of Little Detroit headed out a few weeks ago to hear legendary Dutch post-punks The Ex and Chicago noise legends Shellac burn a few minds.

Lincoln Hall, the venue, is now selling a poster from the show:
Pretty sweet graphics, eh?

Yeah, yeah, we'lltry and post some audio...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Community Party

Little Detroit convened this past Saturday night to celebrate our First Lady's 31st birthday at the community compound. In the photo, you can see the Compound Administrator and Senior Hustle Advisor, the Undersecretary of Bass Guitar, and the Gambling Coordinator.

You can also see, slightly obscured by a protective covering of ice, a keg.

Which led, inevitably, to this...

...with the fairly reasonable conclusion of this.


[Faces obscured to protect people in positions of public responsibility.]

Black Lips Were Here

Atlanta's best garage rock band, The Black Lips, played last Thursday night at the Logan Square Auditorium, the largest venue within walking distance of Little Detroit. However, only 2.5 citizens were able to attend, as most of them were saving their money, ears, and livers for the High on Fire show the following night.

Luckily for Black Lips, several dozen kids piled onto the stage at a couple points throughout the show so they didn't miss us so much.

We recorded this show, but since we're already about five shows beyond in breaking down digital tracks, don't hold your breath.

Breaking in the Loft

Four citizens of Little Detroit rented a massive loft to use as a work space. When they weren't looking, we pushed their desks together and broke out some flip cup.

With predictable results.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The ChristMisfits In Chicago

Back in December, some natural-born and naturalized citizens of Little Detroit took their music - Mifists tunes reconfigured for the holiday season, as you might expect - to the people. It was a rousing success.

There was a preliminary plan to get ourselves ejected from this bar following the band, so we decided to start throwing down the gauntlet mid-set with some dives off the piano at stage left.

Good view of the costumes. Helps when one of the band members is a costume designer for films.
Kicking out the jams.

Our effort to get kicked out continues! Now we have added crowd-surfing. Pint glasses are also being smashed all over the place.

I mean, fuck, when Santa get involved, you know that shit was real.

In the end, our efforts to get ourselves permanently banned from the bar came full circle, and instead the band was invited back for a ChristMisfits in July performance. Because we we're so much fun.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Leo's has come to Chicago. Fear the Coney Dog. Fear the morning after.

For more info, click here for the Leo's Coney Island of Chicago website. We'll see you there after bar close, drunk as hell, just like old times.

Back in Action

We're back.

There were, we know, MONTHS of radio silence out of Little Detroit, but now we've gotten ourselves reorganized, documented past activities, scheduled new events, and deported some dead weight back to the cornfields from whence they came.

Maybe it's the fact that the Chicago outlet of Leo's Coney Island has finally opened in Chicago that got us so energized, or maybe it's the faint whiffs of springtime skin on snowy the air, but we're not going to fade away this time.

Stuff coming down the pipe:
  • Photos from the ChristMisfits show in Chicago from December.
  • Culinary adventures with various citizens of Little Detroit.
  • Downloadable concert audio (if we can figure out how to upload to this MediaFire account already)
  • Little Detroit volunteer efforts.
Stay tuned.